Sunday, April 10, 2011

More to Come...

I adore Slackware. Why? Because I like to configure everything. When I get a new phone, I dig through every configuration setting and make sure it's exactly the way I want it.

Windows is useful because it's still the top dog and thus the vendors have to design drivers and applications to suit Windows.

Slack is a great big toy for anyone who actually wants to muck around in configuration. It's powerful and easy on resources, and above all, it can do almost anything a Windows computer can. A Windows user who's up for a challenge can easily learn to make the switch directly to Slack. How, you say?

Now that I consider myself a competent novice, I'm going to write up the install and config process for my HP Pavilion dv2945se, complete with notes on how long it actually takes. The laptop in question presents complications with networking and video drivers. I'll offer up everything I know about getting Slack up and running on a difficult piece of hardware. Watch for updates in the next few months!

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